US Open Tennis: Tickets advice for fans

US Open Tennis Tickets vs Package Plans

Buying individual tickets instead of packages can save you lots of money and offer more flexibility!

Only buy a package if you're sure you can attend most sessions.

It is still a buyer's market unless you get a marquee matchup for the later rounds.

The rounds leading up to the Labor Day weekend have been also popular in recent years. Note that this year, the two semi-finals for the men are sold as individual tickets.

In the past, these "Super Saturday" sessions were combined and sold as one ticket. Now they are individually worth slightly less with only one semi-final feature each.

Want all the real tips about finding the best US Open Ticket deals?

Which Day Sessions will get sold out first?

The most popular dates are generally the Saturday session for Labor Day weekend. Closely followed by the Finals Championship weekend tickets.

If you want to lock in these dates, it might be worth ordering now. Otherwise, you likely have time to buy individual tickets in July or even August.

Tip: Always buy from the Official Ticket Seller before trying resellers.

US Open Stadium Tickets

The Ashe tickets are the most flexible. Followed by the Grounds Pass, and then Armstrong and Grandstand. Because you do not know the draws and schedules until August, getting an individual stadium pass other than Ashe is a bit risky.

However, Armstrong and Grandstand will guarantee you a relatively close view of the action in one location (without needing to roam around the grounds).

Are "Multi-Session Ticket Plans" sold as a package a smart idea?

Only if you are planning to attend a series of multiple days and nights: you can purchase a ticket mini-plan today. This is recommended only for those who plan to commit to most day and night sessions during either championship weekend or Labor Day weekend.

I have purchased this plan before. Then had to sell several sessions that I could not attend personally. This option will allow you secure seats early. However, you become responsible for handling seats you do not want. This package also works well if you need a larger batch of seats all in a row.

Generally, after the sale of extra seats, you come out even or possibly slightly ahead. However, it is very dependent on many factors such as demand for particular sessions. Remember the inventory risk for you, the package ticket holders.

How much do US Open Ticket Plans Cost?
Depends on the session. For the opening week, it can be $290 per seat. For the entire tournament at every round, it is above $2000 per seat.

Strategy for June - "Hold". For July/Aug - "Buy"

Wait until the general sale dates to compare the retail prices to resell tickets. See how much demand is there for the popular sessions first. Wait for the 2-for-1 discount codes (via our email) to appear in late July, or early August before committing to weekday seats.

If your favorite player does not make it to 2nd week, yet is a popular fan favorite, you may still get good money for your seat. In September, a case can be made to Sell. Factor in weather conditions and if a player has the potential to break a grand slam record if they win the US Open (Nadal, Serena).

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