US Open ticket system decoder

US Open Ticket System

Do Ashe tickets get you into Armstrong? Yes.

Arthur Ashe Tickets
  • Gets you a reserved seat in the main stadium
  • Has a roof in case of rain
  • Allows viewing matches on Armstrong, Grandstand, plus any of the other outside courts until their conclusion.

Evening Sessions (starts 7PM) 2 matches, $35+
  • Typically you will see Nadal, Djokovic, or top seeds play at night
  • Worth experiencing once!
  • Cooler temps later at night so bring a sweater
  • The women's match is followed by the men's match

Grounds Passes
  • Valid entry to all matches *except* Arthur Ashe ($65+)
  • Seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis for the Day.

Louis Armstrong Stadium
  • Valid for Armstrong, 2nd Biggest Stadium Only
  • Day and Night Sessions are available independently
  • Reserved Seating in the 2nd stadium
  • A good deal to watch next-tier players up close

  • Valid for Grandstand, 3rd Biggest Stadium Only
  • Fans love this oval bullring-shaped arena
  • Can be a great deal during Labor Day weekend
  • Lower Bowl Reserve Seating for great views

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