2021 US Open Tickets and Colors

2021 US Open *NEW* Ticket Color System

Red Tickets = Arthur Ashe
Prices: $60+

Red Tickets = Arthur Ashe
Evening Sessions (7PM) - 2 matches
Prices: $35+
Purple Tickets = Grounds Passes
Also listed as "Billy Jean King Tennis Center"
Valid entry to all non-Ashe seats
Seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis for the Day.
Prices: $65 

Blue Tickets =  Louis Armstrong Stadium
Valid for Armstrong, 2nd Biggest Stadium Only
Day and Night Sessions
Reserved Seating

Valid for Grandstand, 3rd Biggest Stadium Only
Lower Bowl Reserve Seating

Ticket Buyer Tips

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  • Zoom in and out of the stadium map view - use our Seat Guide
  • Use the "Filter" button to find just the "Buy One, Get One" tickets
  • Compare prices with the "Re-sell Tickets"

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