TopCourt Buy One, Get One 2021 Holiday Offer

Need a gift for a tennis fan for the upcoming holidays?
Why not get something you need and also get a spare gift for a tennis fan?

For a limited time, all new TopCourt members who sign up will be sent an email with instructions on how to gift a free 12-months to someone else you know that loves tennis as much as you!

This is a limited-time offer only.

TopCourt 2021 Holiday Offer - Get One and Give One Free

Zero price inflation and hassle-free gifting

With more coaches featured now (56 the last time I checked), it's actually a better deal than last year when I joined in 2020 but for the exact same price.

I'm avoiding problems buying tennis products right now because of supply chain delays.

Even shipments of tennis balls were off shelves for months at Walmart and Costco.

Getting a digital gift is easy and a very covid-free way to share.

Try for free before you buy

When you sign up for your membership, you can then send a free membership to another friend.

Try it free for 14-days to make sure you love it first. If you don't, just cancel anytime before the trial ends. Note: the buy one, gift one holiday offer does not have a trial membership period*

My favorite Topcourt Teacher award for 2021...

The prize goes to Alexander Zverev (plus doubles tips with brother Mischa). Felix AA and Leylah Fernandez would round out the top 3 new releases. Watching the new ATP Finals Champion and Olympic Gold medalist hit backhands has really helped me improve my 2-hand backhand since my shoulder injury last year.

Sure it was very exciting to meet him live in Miami for the autograph and photo opt. But getting to re-watch him in 4K and slow-mo whenever I want to visualize exactly how my left side moves in relation to the swing is admittedly even better.

I am biased because I switched to the Head Gravity Pro and his signature dampeners in February. I told him this fact after we ate lunch. He just smiled and signed my Cliff Drysdale magazine on the back cover anyway.

Pretty sure that Medvedev and Djokovic are probably subscribed to TopCourt and lurking under a false name so they can figure out how to beat him in 2021. Just having this one shot alone available in the tennis library is a game-changer.

On the fence about the best time to join?

The Simona Halep must-see video release will be the next big blockbuster at the end of November. Her documentary itself has a shocking exclusive reveal in episode 2! But no spoilers (or "sneaky peek" as she would say) from here.

She is a shy, very dedicated, and yet always a hard worker since her childhood's humble beginnings. Her coaching style on camera I would characterize as very patient and obliging - sometimes I remember she would voluntarily redo multiple takes until she got it just right. She has dedicated her life and body to the sport.

The other major anticipated release is Denis Shapovalov. Fans will love his jumping one-handed backhand. It is a shot I have attempted at times but looks very amazing when it actually works. Or perhaps you are more excited about the Nick Kyrgios release?

So many of my fans have joined through me, and it was a pleasure meeting some fans in person at Indian Wells BNP and the WTT event in November.

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