King Richard to Queen V: Serena was taught tennis from taped lessons

King Richard is a remarkable story about family love, sheer determination, and sparking the fire that ignited 2 record-breaking careers among sisters. This holiday season's must-see movie for any tennis fan, especially those who started playing in the 90's like myself. The joy and humor that Will Smith brings out on the screen will likely win him the best actor award.

You can enjoy it at home with a Hulu + HBO Max account, free 1-week trial. I also recommend the HBO series "Being Serena". The new Matrix movie comes out on 12/22!

How Richard discovered Tennis

Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena, dreamed of teaching his daughters tennis but had never played the sport before himself. He started to coach tennis by collecting used tennis balls, buying a racket from Goodwill, and learning the game from watching a video instructional tape.

In the movie, Venus’ first coach Paul Annacone will only agree to train one girl for free, not both.

So Richard and his wife Oracene with limited resources get creative to adapt. Richard accompanies Venus to the country club and records everything she learns with his camcorder.

Oracene uses those same video lessons of Venus to help teach Serena and even fix her serve.

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A Message of Sharing and Giving Back from Venus

"Reflecting back on my career, I'm reminded of how those I loved and looked up to inspired me every day to be great and dream big. Whether it was motivation from my sister, Serena Williams, or the harrowing experiences of my father, the willingness of those who shared and invested in me made me the player I am today.

Knowledge is a power that enables us all to achieve, and there's no better teacher than those who have lived the unimaginable. That's why I'm so proud to be an owner of TopCourt and push this global movement of empowerment and inspiration for the next generation of champions!"

- Venus Williams, 23-Time Grand Slam Champion, the OG

Venus Williams is now a part-owner of TopCourt

She teaches tennis and shares her own tennis wisdom and career journey where the movie leaves off.

Venus joins the rank of 56 other elite pro tennis players and grand slam legends on TopCourt. At the end of her career, she wants to be remembered as a good person and role model. Hear Venus as she shares her memories and life story. Watch and be inspired by her personalized tennis tips.

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