The "Groupons of Tennis"

We'd like to help tennis organizations in the USA looking to boost sales, traffic and need support for their niche SEO (ie: Google Search rankings for tennis) and social media marketing.

With years of analytic big data and trend information specifically for the tennis population, we can leverage higher volume than our competitors to effectively dominate these "best-seller" product SKUs and verticals.

At the same time, we can then deliver the most valuable incentives to our online tennis community. We offer exclusive promotions directly to the tennis market quicker than other competitors, with much less overhead and branding expenses.

Affiliate West Summit

After over 10 years of affiliate marketing experience, we want to help other small business ventures get started.

Tennis Bargains has appeared at the Affiliate West Summit in Las Vegas.
Join the VIP / Influencers pass to meet us there.
We have also reported on Fitness and Tech at the tech conference CES on-site as Media.

I have over a decade of Pro Tennis event coverage as both a freelance journalist and an accredited photographer - traveling along with the ATP and WTA tour schedules. We only promote brands we have used and trusted for years - such as Nike, Uniqlo, Wilson, Head and Babolat.

Sales and Growth

Ticketmaster summer sales numbers (2016 - 2018)

Keep in mind, this is just for one of our partners. It does not include any additional tennis product revenue such as tennis rackets, balls, equipment, and apparel. As with all our products and services - we buy, review, and recommend the best of the best to our tennis fans.

We are now beginning to scale operations into other complementary sectors: entertainment, fitness, tennis instructional videos, plus tennis resorts /academy recommendations.

Strategic Partnerships - Local Success Stories to National brands

We've had great success with our online instructional products such as (HD Instructional Tips Video) that helps spread great tennis experience and techniques globally. Another strong team from the Washington, DC area we are proud to promote and support local organizations. 

We helped the brick-and-mortar tennis shop TennisTopia for over 10 years grow more heavily into e-commerce. From Day 1 of his shop opening in Maryland to the Mid-Atlantic's biggest tennis retailer.

Cliff Drysdale Tennis has featured our photos on their magazine's front covers in both 2019 and 2020. Tennis resort recommendations are another area we are slowly exploring. Having been to many myself training academies, I see some good synergy between Tennis Travel and Education.

2019 US Open + NYC Broadway Ticket Sales Performance

From just a local Florida shop that worked with us to promote poly tennis string deals and promo code discounts for their inventory, TheTennisDepot has grown to now being a leader in providing the nationally televised "Genesis Strings". The Black Magic poly string was their break-out competitor and alternative to RPM Blast.

Vesting Period

We grant prospective companies a trial 1-month promotional period for any exclusive offers they want to promote and see if their products perform and evaluate customer feedback for the genuine and positive fan base. If they do not meet both these criteria, we will politely decline to extend the partnership on our website.

Again, just like at Costco, only the top products and companies will be kept on our "shelves" as space is a premium. We would like to encourage quality tennis partners and budding services to contact us to see if we would be a good fit to help grow your brand regionally and nationally in the USA.

I want to thank all our partners and publishers for helping make the premier site for Tennis online deals! We're just starting our next decade and hope to keep the momentum going!

Biggest thanks go out to the great staff and support resources at Google. Without their teams doing amazing work every day to help small business owners, none of this at Tennis-Bargains would have been possible. Thank you!

Performance-based Fees, Commissions, and Fixed Contracts

We believe in a performance-based philosophy of mutual benefit. If we cannot add value to your company and vice-versa, we should not look to proceed further.

Tennis players continue to value our opinions, trust our reviews and endorsements because of what I call the 3 P's - "picky", professional, and positioned with only the best of the best in the game surviving.

Giving Back to the Tennis Community

Volunteering, donating, and supporting non-profits such as the USTA is also one of our key fundamentals. We believe that the growth of the game is mutually beneficial to all parties. Our tennis fans and playing consumers are generally in the 25-55 age bracket with middle to upper-middle-class incomes.

Encouraging young children to play and be healthy is the cornerstone of a prosperous and well-educated society for USA Tennis. We promote free junior tennis membership promo codes as well as discounted memberships for kids, adults, and families. We sponsor and donate to charities every year. 

Our Motto - "Stay Fit, Shop Smart, Play Tennis".

USTA Membership direct referrals from our website

Partnering with

The objective at Tennis-Bargains is to promote the game of tennis, the players and people of tennis, and ensure that our valued customers are the top priority audience. We try to give people what they want, what they ask for, and what they need to enjoy more tennis.

Tennis-Bargains CEO,
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