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How to save money on Tennis Strings

Tips for Tennis Strings
  1. If your shots seem to be spraying everywhere, it may be time to re-string your racket*
  2. If you find yourself breaking strings too often, then buy a thicker gauge string such as 15g or 16g. The lower the number, the thicker the string and less likely it will snap.
  3. Or try using polyester strings, if you do not have any arm problems.
  4. Keep your rackets cool in an insulated bag, and never store them in a hot car overnight!
  5. Putting them in the trunk will almost guarantee tension loss (and ruining your string job)
  6. Get 10% OFF these longer-lasting polyester strings, which also have extra spin and hold tension for longer. See our reviews of the brands TopSpin and Genesis
  7. Buy tennis strings online in bulk size (called reels) to save on shipping and they are cheaper per set.

Learn to string your own tennis rackets - it's easy!

Buy the $159 Klippermate Tennis Stringer and learn to string at home with some free YouTube videos.

Stringing Machine for Beginners

Super easy to use, even for first-timers. The Klippermate paid for itself in just a matter of months (~10 uses) and you can even charge a little to string for your friends.

Made in the USA with an unlimited, Life-Time Guaranteed. See reviews on Amazon with over 50 positive reviews from as the site's most popular tennis stringing machine

This is the stringing machine that we trust and recommend for its ease of use to beginners. We actually still own and operate one at Tennis-Bargains!

Perhaps most important of all - you can have a freshly strung racket ready in less than an hour.

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