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USTA Jr. Membership FREE code - Ages 10 and under

For new juniors ages 10 and under ONLY:

USTA Code 2019 Updated:
1) Go to:

2) Select "Become a Member" - Individual Membership and on the right, you select "JUNIOR"

3) Enter source code: FYFE and click "Apply"
4) On the next page, below "About USTA"...

Click the link: "please add referring member"

Fill in
Last name: Tennis Bargains
Member #: 2010385186

To confirm code worked:
Click Search

You should see our USTA info appear and you're all done! Enjoy!

Tennis-Bargains Message:
We hope your child has a lot of fun playing tennis and will enjoy the sport. Be sure to share this with his/her friends and other parents.

Starter Tip:
Choose a racket the right size for your child. Also, try these specially designed Foam Tennis Balls to learn how to hit with topspin and keep the ball in control.

Your Free Junior USTA Membership will include:
  • Bounce, a quarterly newsletter for 10 and Under
  • Access to USTA Junior Tournaments
  • The chance to play in USTA Jr. Team Tennis

For Family Memberships ($68/yr), get a free racquet and ball set with codes:
  • US Open hat w/ ages 8-and-under racquet and ball set – TMONTH8
  • US Open hat w/ ages 9-10 racquet and ball set – TMONTH10

Other Previous USTA Membership Codes

For adult tennis players and current members, here are some more codes:
  • 3 year membership, $10 off
  • 5 year membership - code 8507, US Open sports bag, buy 4 years+1 year free - $160 total
  • Lifetime membership - USTA jacket
  • code 631 for $7 off renewal membership

Free Youth Tennis Events this Fall

Get Your Kids Active - Give the Gift of Tennis!

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and tennis is a great way to get your kids active! Join the USTA and support our drive to fight Childhood Obesity with Tennis!
Kids (of all ages) can try out the sport at some of these free fun events - rackets, nets and courts that are sized right for their age.

From September 1 through October 31, these events are for kids of all ages and skill levels.
Find a local youth tennis event near you!

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