TopCourt Review: Tennis and Pickleball Lessons taught by the Touring Pros

TopCourt: the golden ticket for Pro Tennis' Training insights

TopCourt is the premier tennis streaming service on the market, offering an extensive library of high-quality tennis videos. Featuring Hollywood-level production and innovative 4K camera action angles.

Experience the Presence of Tennis Masters

TopCourt allows you to learn from the best through their words, presence, and body language. Over time, you'll absorb subtle nuances and perfect techniques, bringing your skills to new heights.

Secrets you aren't shown on TV, YouTube, Live Events

As part of credential media, I've covered numerous professional events as a tennis coach and photojournalist. Most hardcore fans will not get to attend even one Grand Slam event. Watching hours of practice footage intently to catch a few seconds of magic is daunting.

TopCourt offers a unique perspective, capturing the relaxed atmosphere and intimate moments that traditional broadcasts and live events often miss.

Exclusive content, and innovative camera angles to bring you closer than ever to the game's top players. More than 56 tennis professional players and coaches. All showcasing their favorite drills and plays.

3 reasons why fans go attend pro sports events

When attending Tennis Majors like the US Open, I value these 3 experiences above all else:

1) Matches - Watching the Big 5th set Grand Slam match live on the center court.
2) Practices - Seeing the Tennis Pros prepare with their team from the courtside.
3) Emotions - Real human joy. Sharing the thrill of victory with thousands.

Spector sports have been fundamentally changed. We missed all those special moments of exhibition genius and unscripted, off-camera candid insights outside the stadium.

TopCourt allows touring pros to share their favorite tennis drills and retell treasured moments.

Key Benefits of TopCourt:

  • Hollywood-quality production
  • Innovative 4K camera angles from drone shots
  • Demonstrations by real professional players, not actors
  • Access to over 60 professional tennis athletes and coaches

The "Netflix of Tennis" – featuring top-ranked players, drills, and documentaries

Why not learn from the Grand Slam champions or World #1?
They are paid and trained to win at the top levels. Experience counts.

Mirroring proper actions will train the mind.
Avoid risk injury from improper swings or overuse

Even popular top tennis coaches preach using these tools:

  1. Visualization - Imagery training is vital in tennis
  2. Learning by being in the environment - watch the best techniques and repeat
  3. Mental Snapshots - freeze the action at critical points and then compare with your footage

Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket - VIP Passes

On Court with TopCourt (filming behind-the-scenes, with a look at taping for Miami and Indian Wells)

In March and October, I took the invite and attended a behind-the-scenes look at the magic that goes into making these high-quality production videos. They offer pickleball VIP events too!

The interviews are the most original and authentic looks at the players. It gives them their true voice to express memories and moments. Shared lunch with Alexander Zverev and Brandon Nakashima between morning and afternoon takes.

You realize these young men are not paid as actors. They are genuine human beings who have a passion for the game. They often surprise you with a clever thought or joke they want to share.
Hearing how they think about tennis will transform and inspire how you play your game.

Better value for your tennis education

  • Train the mind before working on the body.
  • Full access to 56 tennis professionals at $180/year or ~50 cents per day.
  • Hours of content with each player and coach.
  • Before expensive lessons and court fees, learn the basics!
  • Pickleball lessons are now included free, get two for one.

TopCourt is still $15 per month - Typical private tennis lessons cost around $65 to 95 per hour in the US. That's very good value, considering you get a year's worth of unlimited access anytime and anywhere.

Perfect Practice by Pros

"Amateurs practice until they get it right.
Pros practice until they can't get it wrong."

Tennis is their livelihood. You witness the skills and trade secrets of their craft. Each player has invested years of their life in mastering their best shots.

Learn the signature shot that each teacher will be best remembered.
If pros could only share one tip with the World, what would that be?

Bruce Lee's method of "fighting without fighting."

Yes - Court time is important. Matches are Important. Practice is Important.
After learning the proper Technique, there is a time and place for mass repetition.

First, the form must be correct.
Then, Perfect practice makes perfect.
Otherwise, bad technique makes you sloppy.

A perfect complement to live coach-led instruction

Yes, private lessons are essential to improve quickly.
Visual learners and thinkers prefer to see (not hear) it done.

If your kid will learn faster today with video and YouTube, this is a better option than 24x7 TikTok. 
YouTube highlight reels are just eye candy - you need real tennis education focused on experiences.
Taught by pros, demonstrated by people who do it for a living. Not a YouTube influencer for views.

Inspiring teens with success stories

Iga Swiatek and Leylah Fernandez
Both reached their first grand slam a few months after filming. A few genuine and kind words could be all it takes to inspire a young child to work hard at tennis. Hearing someone accomplish such an incredible feat can spark priceless motivation for what is possible.

You get to learn something new from so many teachers. If you are a game fan or student of the sport, it is designed with you in mind. Anyone on YouTube can call themselves a tennis coach these days. How many ATP or WTA championship titles has your coach won?

The annual subscription is a gift of education. A much better souvenir for lasting memories than anything found at the tennis gift shop.

14-Day Free Trial offer and bonus

TopCourt with has an exclusive 14-day free trial.

Designed for super-fans of the sport, this preview allows full access with all videos instantly unlocked. Prize giveaways are also included for sign-ups.

Allowing you to explore the platform without any financial commitment. You will also receive an email notification two days before the trial expires. Just cancel if you're unsatisfied.

Our Tennis-Bargains Exclusive Preview -
Extended trial link is exclusive for our Tennis-Bargains (and now CaliTennis) fans.

Step-by-step instruction with personal attention

  • Education: Drills, Exercises, and Instructional episodes all in 4K format.
  • Entertainment: Hottest pro players on men's and women's pro tours.
  • Expertise: Tennis concepts guided by tour-level professional players and coaches.
Hollywood production value sets up an All-Star lineup. Each month we get treated to new videos from more than 56 online tennis stars on the ever-growing talent list. New features include the Andriod/iOS mobile apps, webTV sync, and personalized drill recommendations.

Close-Ups Camera Angles

The unique first-person experience makes TopCourt so different and special. It is unlike any TV camera angle. You feel like you're so close on the court that you might get hit by the shots.

 I saw several times when the cameramen did get hit during one of their film operations for special behind-the-scenes peeks in March (Miami) and October (Indian Wells).

The players swing full speed at the rovers and multiple body cameras that are live filming footage on the actual playing surface. The realistic perspectives are unmatched.

Overhead drone footage, courtside camera angles, and personalized commentary from the pro speaking directly to you at home. You feel as if you're the only student taking the private lesson.

TopCourt's interviews offer the feeling of a personal conversation.

Pro players are gathered together, then filmed while being mic'd up for one reason - to show you their inner game and key life experiences that shaped them into who they are today. Viewers are offered the perspective of a "fly on the wall," - allowing home viewers to witness those rare moments.

Each tennis player/coach presents you with unique skills and training regimens. The campus of TopCourt is very diverse and cross-generational.

The edits are well done with many enhanced cues (such as the mini-court icon at the bottom revealing where the player and each ball bounce are placed).

You get the benefit of all their combined years of experience on tour, which distills differently with each pro's own style and humor in their teaching role. Front and center for every moment.

Free Pickleball Lessons are now included.

Starting in late 2022, it now includes free lessons for pickleball, too.

Featuring teachers like World #1 Ben Johns and #3 Jessie Irvine. Think of this as the new 2-for-1 racket sports library (more tennis and pickleball videos are coming).

Fun tip: pick up an Amazon paddle and dominate friends with no formal in-class lessons!
Good for parlor tricks and impressing complete strangers. Or if you need to beat them to earn your court back :)

So you can share with family members who want to try Pickle, or can't play active singles - like elderly parents with mobility issues.

It's ok; we won't tell anyone if you watch along, too!

Seriously, it's worth at least learning Pickleball once

For my tennis students transitioning or recovering from injury, using pickleball as a fun "mini-tennis" alternative. It's great for both kids or seniors, and equalizes the playing field to be more fun than I originally expected.

I've tried it both indoors and outdoors. It's good for working on volleys and mini-tennis. Or try cat and mouse points with beginners.

Without a ping pong table, just use the ground!
As a USPTA coach, I prefer tennis 3-4x a week. But now, I save pickle for the "social" days - or whenever I host a wide mix of ages and skills. Just stay competitive about it so that everyone can enjoy the fun. Try it with food or drinks while relaxed, with no pressure to ace someone!

San Diego Open Fan's Guide to the WTA 500

World's Best Female Tennis Players Star in San Diego!

San Diego usually has picture-perfect weather in October. It welcomes fans ready to enjoy more tennis with its warm beach climate. The WTA will showcase most of the World's Top 20 female players.

Use our SeatGeek discount code for tickets, parking, and even MLS Padres Games!

SeatGeek Tickets are up to 40% OFF
using promo code "TENNISBARGAINS"
(New accounts on 1st purchase only)

Who is Playing in the WTA 500 San Diego Open?

  • Coco Gauff leads the field!
  • Ons Jabeur is also playing in solid form.

"Surfin' Swiatek" in Style - San Diego Open's 2022 Championship Team

Congrats to Iga for sealing her win at San Diego Open WTA 500!

Thank you to all the SeatGeek fans who used our promo code. Together with the Tennis United community, we tallied up and doubled our donated amount to Tennis Plays for Peace. Many thanks to all the fans and tennis charities involved! Let's double it again at the next event.

How to sit front row at the US Open - 10 best free perks

Chase Reserve Seating - learn how I got to sit front-row for free and filmed on Netflix

  • American Express Presale (Projected Dates) - Late May, Monday @ 9AM EST
Read our ticket-buying tips, articles, and credit card discount codes
  • Public Ticket Sales - June 3 @ 9AM EST
  • Buying early is most helpful in securing round 1 tickets.
  • Less stress if you have committed to travel dates and lodging.
  • For week 2 seats, plan for July to see any (BOGO) buy one, get one free promo.

Buying late or last minute? You risk paying a bit more for resell.
The trade-off by August after the draw is out. Everyone already knows who's likely playing when and where. There will be a mad dash for the best matches.

How long should you stay for the Open? 3 days or more if you are sightseeing in NYC.
Cover your tennis bases by attending at least 2 consecutive days (day and/or night sessions). That's the best way to see most players on the field. The dates 8/29-8/31 will be a good bet for Rounds 3 and 4.

US Open Fan Week - Week 1 Scouting Report

Tennis-Bargains has returned from NYC after spending the first 8 days of the US Open scouting. We recruited readers to share their stories. We post our real photos, seat shade maps, and impressions on the grounds for all the best goodies to experience.

Secret shoppers helped us sample all the food and shops this year, along with their honest feedback.

Our VIP Chase Lounge Guests on week 1 in 2023. Welcome to NYC!
We supply free VIP lounge passes to visiting fans and followers each year (perk #2).

During Fan Week, the Chase DNCE Soundcheck offered users an in-person experience at this sold-out concert.

We were among the first to sign up and tell the public about it.

The 2022 DNCE music concert was completely sold out in just hours! We gifted four very lucky fans a seat later. They were big fans of "Cake by the Ocean".

During the US Open, check Facebook and IG for our giveaways and extra ticket releases.

Sold-out 8/26 DNCE and Joe Jonas - Chase Sound Check concert tickets.
Our 4 lucky winners all got to go. Sent via Ticketmaster seat transfer emails!

We are not sponsored by the US Open, USTA, JP Morgan, Amex, or any of their paid advertisers.
All opinions below are my own as a "Tennis super fan" for over 15 years.

I will not endorse any perks I haven't personally tested, and even then, only if I would use it myself.

To support USA Tennis and Charities:
We dedicate a small percentage of our ticket profits back to growing the game whenever fans buy tickets directly from our links. You help us continue to operate independently and contribute to charity work each year.

US Tennis is funded with each ticket you buy. Along with Humanitarian and Hurricane relief we donate each year. We also collect dollars from the ticket fees to put them back to support worthy causes responsibly.

Charities we have funded with tennis ticket fees: "Tennis Plays for Peace", "The American Red Cross",  "Aceing Autism," and "USTA with Tennis United."

Tennis travel fans can also follow us on Instagram or join our "US Open Fans and Friends" Facebook Group.

US Open Freebies: some luck, some skill - all good!

US Open Fans and Friends - advance info for savvy fans

Arriving at 9:30 each morning, I discovered some lesser-known perks that even US Open ushers and their supervisors needed to learn.

Our email VIP subscribers (anyone who regularly opens and clicks our links) will get priority access to our previews.

Last month, we revealed this fantastic, all-new 2022 feature called "Chase Pass," which offers only 100 daily bracelets for exclusive access and reserved seating.

Sponsor Faceoff: Chase vs. Amex Perks. Chase Wins 3-2

  1. Chase Pass gets you into Grandstand Reserve Seating @ Section 2, Rows M-O (front baseline seats with Chase Logos). Great shade after 4pm! I invited fans and fellow tennis coaches.

    Each day, lucky friends (new and old) joined me in watching players like Felix AA.
    These seats were so good that one guy even suggested I shouldn't tell anyone else!

  2. Chase Lounge - advance RSVP required. It gets you A/C, fruit cups, ice cream, and more. You can bring up to 3 guests. Enjoy! For a standby waitlist, register at the door at 10AM.

    Best Snacks: Free fruit cups, Kind Bars, popcorn, refreshments, ice cream, hat, and A/C!!

  3. Chase Terrance - Great Snacks and Views

    Elevated side-court viewing just behind the Grandstand

    Spreading the joys of tennis; Famous World's Fair globe background.

  4. Chase Pass for Reserve Seating at Grandstand
    I often sat here watching players like Matteo Berrettini and Felix Auger-Aliassime from the baseline. For Day 1, I had just paid over $180 for a similar grandstand seat just a few rows away. I discovered the specially-branded Chase logo seats in Section 2! Four daily single matches were played here during week 1.

    With our seats, you may get a cameo on Netflix while filming Break Point.

    Buying these seats separately will cost you a pretty penny.

    After some investigative research and asking around several US Open ushers and supervisors, I discovered the special Chase Pass (limit 100 per day) grants you a bracelet that allows you to sit in the first 3 rows (M-O) of the baseline at the Grandstand court for free!

    It was actually outlined on the usher's papers, but many were still learning about it. Most fans had no idea why these seats were all branded "Chase" on the front.

How to watch Serena and Rafa at the US Open 2022

US Open has just announced the first-round lineups for both Serena and Rafa!

Best Prices for each US Open Stadium

Check these 4 links before buying, to get the best prices of the day!
Grounds | Armstrong | Grandstand | Ashe

Labor Day tickets are still on-sale around $200+ for Ashe!

Nadal's next match is Monday, Sept 5 in the Day Session

Carlos Alcaraz plays in the Monday Night Session

Fact: Rafael Nadal has been playing night sessions for his first 3 rounds. Our research suggests he will play an Ashe Day session soon this week. Check back to see our updates!

Fan Tip: Our 3-step Ticketmaster Trick for a great budget seat!

The quickest way to find the best seats on Ticketmaster within budget

  1. Click the Best Seats tab
  2. Adjust your Max Price slider (and move up the Min Price)
  3. Scroll down the list to pick a decent seat at a reasonable price!

General Seat Picking Tips for Tennis

  • Usually, baseline seats or near the players' boxes are very good.
  • If you are going during the day, please refer to our shade map!
  • It doesn't make much of a difference at night beside the bright LED signs.

Serena's last match was Fri Night, Sept 2 @ 7PM

Serena has been chosen to play on the odd days of the tournament (Aug 29, 31, etc). The exact play schedule will be announced 1-2 days before and updated here! She has made it to the 3rd round so far!

Price Spike Alert:

If you want to go during the day (and not watch Serena play but hope to see just her practice), I would recommend buying a Monday Grounds Pass if the lowest Ashe ticket is over $90.

How many days to spend at the US Open?

Planning ahead for your US Open Tennis Trip

The 2022 US Open Entry List has officially been posted! See who's playing.
View the Men's Singles and Women's Singles lists from the US Open webpage.

Although Novak Djokovic (Serbia) is technically listed as ranked #7 on the entry list, his participation is unlikely due to the current US entry regulations.

In January, he was deported from Australia on the eve of his Australian Open run for being unvaccinated.

2022's Most Popular Weekend 1-Day Sessions

Best 2-day combos for US Open Tennis?

Spending more time in NYC will let you enjoy more tennis! Give yourself at least 1-2 days in the city.

Fans favorites - Labor Day Weekend:

Serena Sighting - Early Opportunities:

How to see the most (seeded) players in 2 days?

  • Wed 8/31 and Thurs 9/1 often have the most action on the outside courts
    Top-seeded players start playing in the 2nd Round, receiving their 1st Round Bye

  • Alternative late weekend option: go for the 4th Round (Round of 16) 
    Sunday 9/4 and Monday 9/5 (Labor Day)

    We can get what is called "Manic Monday" when weekend matches pile up. After any rainout, the following day, any lucky ticketholders get treated to more tennis than usual.

Most Popular Night Sessions at the US Open - for night owls

Pros and Cons of going at night:
  • For the city that never sleeps - entry to the grounds starts at 6pm.
  • Allows you to roam outside courts.
  • Ensures you see the top players by adding one or two evening session tickets

  • Frees up your day to enjoy the city indoors during the hot afternoon.
  • The temperatures are cooler after the sun sets. But be sure to bring a jacket or extra layer.

  • Crowds usually dwindle by midnight. Sometimes upon exiting, fans at Ashe may be generous and gift their seat ticket! Eager fans get the chance to sit much closer to the front.

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