Free "Welcome Weekend" for US Open Fans

"Welcome Weekend" - US Open Fans Meetup (Aug 24 - Aug 26)

We'd like to encourage new tennis fans who are new to the US Open experience. At Tennis-Bargains, we'll be giving a small group of our loyal fans a personal "insiders" guided tour around the park and courts. We hope to make first-timers a bit more comfortable getting around there.

To get that small-group feel, we'll try to reach out to those of you who plan to make it to NYC this weekend. Please mark on the form if you'll be attending the "Welcome Weekend".

Alsofeel free to say hi if you see us as we walk about the tennis grounds. We welcome tennis fans of all ages to get a chance to experience this American Grand Slam.

During the day, you'll get to meet the pro players, fellow coaches and the entourage up close on the practice courts. Plus we'll lead you  around to some of our favorite Tennis-Bargain "hidden secrets" and check out the new court 17, at the 2012 US Open.

PS: We just got our US Open $25 Gift Cards in the mail today!
We plan to hand out at least one gift card to a lucky fan at the Welcome Weekend event!

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