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Andy Murray: US Open 2012 Champion - Get his Adidas Gear now on sale

Congrats to Andy Murray on winning his first ever Grand Slam - US Open 2012!

What a great 5-set match against the indomitable Novak Djokovic who came back from 2 sets down to level! Congrats Andy!!

What's the Common Formula for Novak and Andy?...both US Open Champions

Men's Semi's ~$100 and Finals Tickets now ~$110

US Open TicketExchange - Prices Cut in Half for Semi's and Finals Sessions

Update: With both Federer and Nadal absent from the US Open Finals for the first time in almost a decade, starting Thursday, we have been seeing the resale value of these tickets drop in half!

Limited Availability:

"Sold Out" Tickets still available for Finals Weekend

These sessions for the entire weekend were all "sold out" as of early Summer, even before it was available to the public. But today some of them can still be had for just over $100 from TicketExchange

  • Their loss is your gain!
  • Remember to buy an electronic TicketExchange ticket, for instant print-out
  • These tickets are guaranteed by Ticketmaster

Ferrer vs Djokovic, Murray vs Berdych

Should make for some great matches on Sat! Let's see who will tire out whom before Sunday's Final. Ferrer will be my dark horse pick to win it all; Maybe we'll see someone win their first major - lots of possibilities left.

Hope everyone will enjoy the rest of the US Open, wherever you get to watch it!
Also remember to vote on our Facebook page for a chance to win free tickets to 2013

Limited Availability:

9/5 and 9/6, Thursday and Friday tickets: 2-for-1 specials

Looking for great deals for Thursday and Friday tickets?

Sometimes the rain we had on Tues and Wed can work out for the best for those people who have tickets for Thursday and Friday sessions.

Remember there are $26 tickets available for both days with our ticketmaster promo codes

Janko Tipsarevic (SRB)[8] vs. David Ferrer (ESP)[4] (9/6 @ 1:30 PM)

The last men's quarter-final will be played NLT 1:30 PM. Also now with Federer out of the draw as of last night, the men's field is wide open! That was a terrific match between Berdych and Federer - who knows, maybe this is the year that Murray will finally win his first major?!

Also on the women's side, many are predicting a Serena vs Sharapova face-off and rematch.

Also, you'll be able to see both Men's and Women's Doubles semi-finals in the next few days.

Remember that the outer courts will have the top juniors all playing during the day so hopefully you'll be able to see some future stars in action too!

US Open Week 2 Tix Giveaway + Why were there no $15 WFANDANGO tennis tickets this year???

Why were there no $15 WFANDANGO tickets and fewer ticket promotions this year than in 2011?

Ticket Policy Discounts according to USTA

Q: Are there any senior or student discounts?
A: There are no current senior citizen or student discounts available.

Q: Are there any military personnel discounts?
A: There are no military personnel discounts available.

Make the US Open more "Tennis Fan-Friendly"
I think that the USTA should show a bit more generosity back to the FANS and its USTA members than it has this year. Yes, it is important that it earns enough money as a non-profit, but the US Open should not just be about making the most money with big sponsors. Unfortunately, the most expensive corporate seats and suites sold usually go to those who are not even tennis players or do not regularly follow tennis. How is that fair?
Article from NY Times, 8/31/12 
[Disappointed that Rafael Nadal was not playing in this year’s Open, Ruben Martin Vadillo and Mayte Rodriguez Gil, visiting New York from Madrid, did not bother purchasing tickets for the event. 
“It’s too expensive,” said Vadillo, a 31-year-old physical therapist.]
The practice courts on P1-P4 could soon be going away soon there is construction that pretty much bottlenecks that entire section of the US Open.

Waiting for USTA to step up
Many tennis fans who waited patiently for some affordable nose-bleed 1st week day tickets never got any this year. They were sold at full price and we've heard a lot of feedback from normally loyal US Open fans. Tickets for optimal days such as labor day weekend and Semi/Finals Weekend were sold out too quickly (possibly for scalping reasons).

Fill in more empty stadium seats, upgrade more fan seats!
Would it not make sense that we try to generate more sold-out sessions instead of leaving all these empty seats out there, like we did tonight at Andy Roddick's last match (only 1/3 full according to the commentators).

Suggestions to the USTA and the US Open
How about just some discounted Grounds Passes so we do not "gentrify" this sport in the US? Low-income and middle-class American tennis fans want to see good tennis too.

How much extra does it really cost USTA to have one extra fan on the premise? How about some discounts for children so that they can witness some great matches and dream big to play one day in Ashe Stadium. How about discounts for seniors and our active military personnel?

If most of the smaller US Open series tournaments are already doing this with family 4-packs and 10% off promos for USTA members, then isn't it about time??
Sure this is a political time in America, so for maybe this is the right time for Tennis fans to band together and demand that the USTA give back. Let's demand better tennis deals! Send this Email to support our campaign.

Tennis-Bargains Week 2 Tickets Giveaway

Tennis-Bargains is going to give away 2 tickets for the Thursday, 9/6 Ashe Day session to Our Fans of Tennis-Bargains

All I ask is that you send a quick email to USTA to let your voice be heard as Tennis Fans for some better ticket deals!

USTA National Tennis Center - Events Department
Flushing Meadow - Corona Park
Flushing, N.Y. 11368
Phone: 718-595-2420

Some observations from this year's US Open...

Tennis-Bargains is back from the first week at the US Open 2012 opening weekend!

A few notables US Open 2012 additions and changes we want to highlight for you below. Also, with some US Open insider's guide Part 1 and Part 2 with insights during qualifying week

Court 17 - The "New Grandstand"

Fans Welcome Weekend - Free Close-up Players Practice

  • Got to see Roger Federer, Djokovic, Murray, Ferrer, Raonic, Nalbandian, Tsonga, Del Portro, Tipsarevic, Cilic, Monaco FOR FREE!!
  • Yep, if you came to visit the US Open this past weekend, you got to see practically every male player in the Top 15 from about 20-30 feet away!
  • On the women's side, we were able to see on these courts: Sharapova, Serena Williams, Clisters, Li Na, etc...

Top Food choice this year: Crepes

  • About 3/4 the way down the row of the food court area - these crepes come in different meats (chicken, beef, pork, veggie, etc).
  • Definitely would recommend trying one for about $11 for a relatively healthy yet tasty choice.
  • My favorite, "Le Poulle": The Chicken Crepe ~$11 is one of the best meals on site - good to enjoy when watching a match on the new court 17. Check out this article/review from NY Times.

Thanks to all our fans (both new and old) who are following us!

Spend $20+ with Amex Card, get $10 back at US Open 2012 (8/27-9/9)

Great for buying some lunch and/or gifts for friends! Just link using their Facebook App. If you have multiple Amex Cards, you can get multiple $10 back. Also they are handing out free US Open Radios again if you show your Amex card at their booth.

This year SPG (Starwoods Preferred Guest Card) was also giving out free pedicab rides across the boardwalk from the 7 train stop until  8pm! See more of our Amex freebies from the US Open!

Link > Like > Love
Check out this and other American Express Cardmember exclusive savings, rewards and experiences recommended for you at Link > Like > Love.
Details: "Get a one-time $10 statement credit by using your synced Card to make a single purchase of $20+ onsite at the US Open from 8/27/12 - 9/9/12."
Offer Terms:  Enrollment limited. Limit 1 per Card across all American Express offer platforms. Statement credits are generally issued within 3-5 business days after your qualifying purchase, but may take up to 2 billing periods to post to your account. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies a transaction as having occurred at this merchant, the transaction will not be eligible for the offer.

Top Players Practice *Live Updates* plus photos and videos for Arthur Ashe Day! will be posting up *Player Alerts* on Twitter during this entire first US Open weekend! Whenever we spot a top star practicing on a particular court, you'll be the first to get a front row seat and enjoy!

ATP: Federer, Djokovic, Delpo, Fish, Roddick, Hewitt, etc...
WTA: Sharapova, Williams, Azerenka, Stousur and many more...

This way our fans can instantly get a front row seat to see Federer or Djokovic as soon as they are seen by one of our spotter staff! 

Beat the crowds, and get the practice info first when we release match schedules on Facebook! Plus many more money saving tips!

Free "Welcome Weekend" for US Open Fans

"Welcome Weekend" - US Open Fans Meetup (Aug 24 - Aug 26)

We'd like to encourage new tennis fans who are new to the US Open experience. At Tennis-Bargains, we'll be giving a small group of our loyal fans a personal "insiders" guided tour around the park and courts. We hope to make first-timers a bit more comfortable getting around there.

To get that small-group feel, we'll try to reach out to those of you who plan to make it to NYC this weekend. Please mark on the form if you'll be attending the "Welcome Weekend".

Alsofeel free to say hi if you see us as we walk about the tennis grounds. We welcome tennis fans of all ages to get a chance to experience this American Grand Slam.

During the day, you'll get to meet the pro players, fellow coaches and the entourage up close on the practice courts. Plus we'll lead you  around to some of our favorite Tennis-Bargain "hidden secrets" and check out the new court 17, at the 2012 US Open.

PS: We just got our US Open $25 Gift Cards in the mail today!
We plan to hand out at least one gift card to a lucky fan at the Welcome Weekend event!

US Open 2012 - Ticket Prices, Last Minute Deals and Tips

The US Open 2012 is now officially less than 2 weeks away! Some of your may still be looking for tickets. Unfortunately this year, it seems like the WFANDANGO code did not go live (yet...) for those $15 tickets we were all waiting for!

But fear not, there are still ways to get good deals for this year's US Open!

After-market Tickets

The chart below might be helpful if you decide to get a ticket from TicketExchange or Ebay (look for legitimate sellers only) and under $70 for the first week.

Read my tips for buying and selling US Open ticketsI would wait no longer than 3-4 days before your session starts if you need the ticket mailed to you.

US Open Pricing Chart for each session (unofficial)

Below is an unofficial list for prices for all sessions (even with group discounts). It will give you an idea of about how much the fair market value for a particular session should be worth, without fees/shipping.

Unofficial US Open Tickets Pricing (with Group Discount)
 Tournament Dates
Arthur Ashe Price (Upper Promenade)
Grounds Admission Price (Unassigned Seating)
Monday, 8/27 Day
Monday, 8/27 Eve
Tuesday, 8/28 Day
Tuesday, 8/28 Eve
Wednesday, 8/29 Day
Wednesday, 8/29 Eve
Thursday, 8/30 Day
Thursday, 8/30 Eve
Friday, 8/31 Day
 $64 - Sold Out
Friday, 8/31 Eve
Saturday, 9/1 Day
 $69 - Sold Out
 $64 - Sold Out
Saturday, 9/1 Eve
Sunday, 9/2 Day
 $69 - Sold Out
 $64 - Sold Out
Sunday, 9/2 Eve
Monday, 9/3 Day
 $64 - Sold Out
Monday, 9/3 Eve
Tuesday, 9/4 Day
Tuesday, 9/4 Eve
Wednesday, 9/5 Day
Wednesday, 9/5 Eve
Thursday, 9/6 Day
Thursday, 9/6 Eve
Friday, Sept. 7 Day
Saturday, Sept. 8 Day
 $89 - Sold Out
Saturday, Sept. 8 Eve 
Sunday, Sept. 9 Day
 $89 - Sold Out

Free Tennis - Qualifiers Week, Opening Weekend, Arthur Ashe Day

8/21-8/24Watch the Qualification matches played for free during the week

8/25Free to enter grounds and watch players practicing; or $7 Ashe tickets with CBS promo code

8/26Open practice day; free to enter and watch the pros practice

If any more last minute promos pop up, we will be sure to post them here for our fans:

USA Tennis and US Open Fans

Are you excited yet for more US Open ticket promos?

We are about 7 weeks away from the start of the US Open 2012!

With many weekend sessions already sold-out at this year's US Open, Tennis-Bargains wants to help the most deserving tennis fans, kids and families who want to see it for the first time!

We love hearing back from our fans! Hopefully our promo codes will help you enjoy the US Open while saving you some money this summer too. In the next couple weeks, we will be posting up a few more codes (until those tickets are all sold out).

US Open Series = Summer Road Trip of Tennis

For those interested in catching pro matches here in the USA, the US Open Series is the way to go.

They are starting this week in July with the first stop in California at Stanford University's (WTA Bank of the West Tournament) July 9-15.

I had great memories of those tennis courts at Stanford with its terrific atmosphere and the excellent tennis weather. Hope everyone gets to enjoy at least one of the tournaments coming up, including the men's Atlanta Open July 14-22 (home of my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets).

The road trip continues every week at another new North American tennis location until we get to the US Open!

Tennis Bargains Fans Page and Tennis Community

Interested in winning some free US Open tickets?

Please post your favorite US Open comments and pictures on our Tennis Bargains Fans-Only Page

We want to share your top reasons for why you want to see the US Open this year, or your favorite US Open moment, or what experiencing live tennis means to you.

We'll help make one lucky winner's dream a reality with free tickets.

Make some US Open 2012 Memories

This could be the year that you're able to see possibly the greatest player(s) ever Federer, Nadal, Djokovic (or your favorite stars) in action together on the big stage. 
Or you maybe you really want to catch Kim Clijsters before her final farewell match at this year's 2012 US Open.  
How about being in the crowd chanting "USA! USA!" as another upcoming American like Brian Baker beats the odds and makes it deep into another grand slam. 
Every true Tennis Fan has a great story to tell - let's hear your personal favorite? Feel free to vote for your favorite comments and fan pictures with your "Likes".

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