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Australian Open Map + 2021 New Visitor Fan Tips

Australian Open Map + Walking Routes (by Google Maps /

Super Saturday, Feb 13 tickets are available. Super popular - so get those fast!

2021 Fan safety and new rules for enjoying the Australian Open

Travel Restrictions to Australia from the USA
"All passengers aged five and older traveling to Australia on flights departing the United States are required to return a negative COVID-19 PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test prior to departure."
More info about travel to Australia 

NEW: Social Distance Group Seating & Mobile Ticket Kiosks Check-ins

Suggestions for Venue Changes

Practice Courts Viewing

Viewing the top players from the decks has always put giant crowds packed together. This year, there must be a system in place to prevent crowding over each other. Maybe the orderly Wimbledon moving rope lines will inspire them for ideas.

Clear flow directions for ingress and egress

The arrows in the map above illustrate the paths I found with the fewest bottlenecks to enter and move around the park. It is important to keep fan traffic flowing in a circular direction. Having fans all congested in one area (like inside Rod Laver) should be avoided. The 3 large stadiums definitely need a better design.

Better Navigation and Activity Zones

I'll admit the Aussie Open seems broken into clumps of Rod Laver on one side and Melbourne arena in the opposite corner. The placement of lots of shops seems randomly scattered in between. I found the food carts, venue signage, and concessions were sprinkled across the giant center oval the same way slot machines are in Las Vegas lobbies.

Better Transportation Needed

Back in 2019, I remember how super crowded the bus shuttles were to deliver fans to the entrances. We were squished like sardines in the morning or else walk the extra mile in the Melbourne heat. Trams are just overcrowded for the morning rush and the logistics just are not there in the summer heat.

International Culture - Wimbledon vs Australian Open?

Wimbledon will take a dramatically different approach than last year. Traditional queuing will most likely not take place. Australian Open is planning to operate at 50% capacity, but all eyes are on them to see the impact and results for the rest of the tennis calendar.

GPS and Wifi Issues in Melbourne

Traveler's note: GPS in and around Melbourne is known to be pretty bad with their tall buildings.

Tip: save an offline Google Map on your phone before you go!
Conserve battery life and your mobile data. The open wifi there is super spotty and not secured. So I would turn off wi-fi altogether when I'm out so it won't drain your phone.

To arrive at the proper side of the Australian Open or get around the city of Melbourne, rely on your mobile. Try using your Andriod and saying:  "Hey Google".
"Hey Google. Navigate to Rod Laver Arena" OR
"Hey Google. Navigate to Melbourne Arena"

Australian Open 2019 - Plans, Photos and Tickets

Grand Slam Ticket Fan 2019 Giveaways!

 Australian Open 2019 Photos

Want to watch Federer or Nadal at the Aussie Open up close?

Middle weekend public tickets have been "exhausted" or SOLD OUT already.

Fan Warning: DO NOT buy tickets at the AO Box Office the day of the match.

Personal bad experience with Ticket Office:
They will sell you a very poor seat selection, claim it is the "only available" one and then overcharge you especially if you are an international fan.

This happened to me at their main box office on 1/19 for a Margret Court match I wanted to see Osaka and Nishikori. The cashier even told me to try to resell my ticket on Ticketek - which is impossible after the session as started. They will lie to you just to get you out of their hair basically.

The ushers there don't even know where seats are in their own section nor the proper changeover policy when I got there they told me to ask the other usher! Sheer confusion when multiple security folks saw I had a "big camera" but the 200mm is allowed which they ask you a lot of questions but have few real answers, mostly vague guesses - hint: they aren't trained properly and cannot be reliable for any info including the practice schedule which was completely bogus this year.
Get the right tickets to watch Roger LIVE here at the VIP Hospitality Lounge

1/20 Sunday - Laver (AM or PM)
1/22 Tues - Laver (PM Session)

Plus learn how to get on the Official Australian Open Ticket Waitlist here
More info for our fans who like and subscribe on Facebook and Twitter.

Australian Open 2019
(Jan 14-27, 2019)

For a first-time fan, check out our Australian Open pictures for an idea of what to expect.
Happy Tennis Fan from Brazil
Rod Laver Arena

Melbourne is a great city to visit and escape the cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

Their "Labor Day" or "Australia Day" happens at the end of their summer usually occurs around the end of the tournament (late January).

It is cheapest to fly direct from NYC or LA, but it is worth the long flight. This year we booked a Virgin Australia Flight for $599 r/t from LAX!

So much to see in Victoria and Australia - hope you can come join in the fun with us.

Also, if you can tie it into a longer layover such as a pit stop in Sydney or Fiji - all the better. I recommend getting a cheap flight to Asia, from there flights will be much cheaper than going directly from the USA.

Known as the "Fun Slam" or "Asian Slam", this is the Grand Slam that tops the list for me.

US Open 2019 Tennis Tickets on Sale Now

Tennis-Bargains...Bringing smiles and great deals to all our fans!

Raonic Fan from Canada
Hisense (Melbourne) Arena
These were some fellow American (North and South American) tennis fans that love the sport but were stuck outside with no more tickets left, so we wanted to give them a chance to see some great tennis.

Consider buying a 3-day or 5-day "Grounds Pass" that lets you be selective about which sessions to attend*. Similar to the US Open, they do not kick you out of the outer courts once the night sessions start.

You can also upgrade them to a seat at Laver or Melbourne Arena for a small fee.

Helping passionate fans is what we're all about. Sharing tennis love all over the world.
At every tennis event, we give away any extra tickets to our most deserving fans. For a chance to win, please Like us on Facebook!

What is 1573 Australian Open?

Fun, Furbies and Freebies from Friends of 1573

Enjoy 1573 with some free red sunglasses from my Panda friends

Celebrate with 1573 Liquor:
(Chinese Distillery with its name on the new Arena at the Australian Open)

Why 1573?
It is the year during the Ming Dynasty when they first started making Liquor, one of the oldest in China.

Luzhou Laojiao (official sponsor for 5 years at AO) is the name of the brewery.

Where is it from?
Sichuan, China (a province which is best known best for its super spicy cuisine)

Style and Taste
In its pure form - the clear liquor is more than 50% Alcoholic.

It is one of the most premium forms of "baijiu" as it is called in China.

Some say it has the strong scent of fermented peaches.

Where can I try some at the Australian Open?

The public can try a cocktail with the clear baijiu mix in a tasty glass. Served at "Nobu" and "Rockpool: Bar and Grill" plus a couple of the other fine dining establishments there.

If you have a special invite, there is even a 1573 bar located just behind Rod Laver stadium.

Australian Open 2013 Tribute (History, Dynasty and Grass Roots Tennis)

We are now just a few short weeks away from going to the Australian Open - the Asia/Pacific Slam, the first slam of the year. I wanted to pause a moment and pay tribute to the history of this great slam.

Rod Laver, a true legend of the sport is a reflection of Aussie Tennis - humble beginnings, strong work ethic, unbendable will and determination, a pioneer in bridging the gap between amateur and pro tennis, plus involved with the creation of the first dynasty in the Australian Davis Cup empire.

Let's take a look at some of the great influences of Australian culture on tennis today (and in America)...

Aussie Tennis in the USA

Harry Hopman International Tennis Program - Tampa, Florida

In 2006, I had the privilege to attend the Harry Hopman program at Saddlebrook Academy (near Tampa, FL). Under the management of Howard Moore, the fun, winning Aussie traditions and emphasis on conditioning are very much alive today. Today, great players like Mardy Fish, John Isner and other great players like Capriati, Blake, Connors have called this place home in the past. The golf greens and lush, well-maintained har-tru courts are the closest thing to a Tennis Heaven on earth. When you swim in the half-million gallon heated pool in the winter - it feels like you died and went to heaven =) yes, it's *that good*. [Arguably the best tennis resort in America].

John Newcombe Tennis Ranch - San Antonio, Texas

Also strong in the Aussie spirit is the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch - that promotes "rock solid" no-frills tennis. What I remember most, is during the drills, the coaches would jokingly coin the punch line - "this ain't no country club tennis"...they were right, it is the get-down-and-dirty big Texas tennis that you come for. It reawakens your inner child to run around and just having fun. I think this is what USA tennis is missing - that pure, unadulterated joy of the game - the light-hearted, jovial atmosphere on the tennis court that seems so natural in Australian tennis.

MoneyBall - USA v. Australia

What is interesting is all the money we have been funneling into USA tennis the past few years, but our core of top tennis players are dwindling. Every year the price of a US Open ticket goes up - many times more expensive than the Aussie Open (example: a one day grounds pass at the US Open at face value is almost the price of a 3-day grounds pass at the Aussie Open). Entertainment and Food in NYC is more costly than in Melbourne.

At we have always emphasized "hunting for value" - this includes supporting the USTA initiatives that promote grass-roots tennis with lower-income inner cities as well and helping educate young players in not just the game, but also the philosophy of tennis (Sanchez-Casal). We are trying to make tennis more accessible to the masses of all ethnicity, and move it away from the sigmas as a sport reserved only for those who can afford the "elite country club lifestyle".

Rod Laver - Legend, Hero, Patriot

Tennis legend Rod "the rocket" Laver had a very humble beginning. In the "Signature Series" (Debut Jan 2012), John MacEnroe presents a very good documentary on the life and legacy of Rod Laver - a player that is undoubtedly one of the top 3 tennis players in the history of the game. For many decades, before Federer and Nadal (plus the advent of co-polyester strings) - he was unanimously considered the GOAT (greatest of all time) in tennis.

I would definitely recommend fans of the game to go and watch this great documentary/biography on Rod. I learned so much when it showed up one day and I was lucky enough to hit the record button on my DVR. Even if you do not follow every single match or want to be a tennis history buff, it is very enlightening to see the long road from where the game has come.

His life is a reflection of Australia and her Tennis

Rod's parents were farmers. He grew up learning tennis by himself. There were no country clubs and after-school private tennis lessons when he started. His family literally built a tennis court on the farm so that he and his siblings could play. It was not a tennis league championship nor ATP trophy that fueled his desire - because there were none at his time.

Tennis was a sport for amateurs (until the time of Ron Budge) ... and even then, playing professional tennis meant at the time giving up a chance to play for your country (Davis cup / Olympics).

Let us honor Rod Laver and our Aussie Brothers/Sister, as we approach the 108th Australian Open. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - Oy, oy, oy!

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Tennis Tickets on-sale in Feb: Dubai Open and SAP Open (San Jose, CA)

SAP Open in San Jose, CA - starts Feb 11 - 17

Tennis Tickets still on sale:

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Dubai Open (Dubai, UAE - Feb 18-27, WTA then ATP)

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Fly Emirates and Visit Dubai - it's a wonderful city!

I flew Emirates Airlines both ways and stopped for 12+ hours layovers in Dubai on my trip over to the Australian Open. See pictures from my trip in Dubai.
Novak Djokovic won the US Open 2012 Series.

It includes the "sail boat" Burj Al-Arab building where Federer and Agassi played tennis on the helipad (YouTube)

Emirates Airlines is the official premier sponsor of the US Open Series.

Tennis Bargains is now an USTA Organization Member

We've just joined the USTA as an official Organizational Membership!

This is our first year and have donated to the USTA Serves Charity - helping kids and aspiring juniors all around the USA to play more tennis, plus it contributes to Tennis College Scholarships.

We encourage everyone to either volunteer or donate what they can to help promote tennis in your local organization.

Tennis Night in America (March 4th)

March 4th is "Tennis Night in America" - Join us in Falls Church, VA to watch Rafael Nadal face Juan Martin Del Porto in a match at Madison Square Garden!

Australian Open Report Card 2019 - Fan Grade?

How we grade and compare Tennis Events

AO 2019 Vs US Open 2018?US Open is much better for American Tennis Fans and saves the 14-18 hour flight and cost each way. You'll see 95% of the same players. Only real positive is that Aussie Fans love following the rules and stay quiet when they are told...less boo'ing :)

For our latest LIVE comparison, and get the pros and cons of any tennis tournament - we will separate it out among our Social Media, :

My Tennis Perspective

The following represents my own experience and do not reflect that of Tennis Australia nor the Australian Open.

I have been to all four grand slams in multiple years as well as most of the Masters 1000 Tennis Events multiple times. I try to give you a comparison to let fans know where to go and what to visit to maximize their time and money when visiting from out of town! I invest my own money to watch tennis and help other fans get the best experience possible. As part of media, I have been to a dozen press events and seen the coach's perspective on hundreds of pro-level matches over the year.

How many days to spend at the US Open?

Planning ahead for your US Open Tennis Trip

The 2022 US Open Entry List has officially been posted! See who's playing.
View the Men's Singles and Women's Singles lists from the US Open webpage.

Although Novak Djokovic (Serbia) is technically listed as ranked #7 on the entry list, his participation is unlikely due to the current US entry regulations.

In January, he was deported from Australia on the eve of his Australian Open run for being unvaccinated.

2022's Most Popular Weekend 1-Day Sessions

Best 2-day combos for US Open Tennis?

Spending more time in NYC will let you enjoy more tennis! Give yourself at least 1-2 days in the city.

Fans favorites - Labor Day Weekend:

Serena Sighting - Early Opportunities:

How to see the most (seeded) players in 2 days?

  • Wed 8/31 and Thurs 9/1 often have the most action on the outside courts
    Top-seeded players start playing in the 2nd Round, receiving their 1st Round Bye

  • Alternative late weekend option: go for the 4th Round (Round of 16) 
    Sunday 9/4 and Monday 9/5 (Labor Day)

    We can get what is called "Manic Monday" when weekend matches pile up. After any rainout, the following day, any lucky ticketholders get treated to more tennis than usual.

Most Popular Night Sessions at the US Open - for night owls

Pros and Cons of going at night:
  • For the city that never sleeps - entry to the grounds starts at 6pm.
  • Allows you to roam outside courts.
  • Ensures you see the top players by adding one or two evening session tickets

  • Frees up your day to enjoy the city indoors during the hot afternoon.
  • The temperatures are cooler after the sun sets. But be sure to bring a jacket or extra layer.

  • Crowds usually dwindle by midnight. Sometimes upon exiting, fans at Ashe may be generous and gift their seat ticket! Eager fans get the chance to sit much closer to the front.

March 2013 Newsletter: March Tennis Ticket Deals

"Save money, Keep Fit, and Play more tennis!"
Everyone wants to save a little extra in times like these...

This month's keywords:
**Financial Fitness** is a tennis site that helps your wallet stay in shape! ;-)!

NEWS: *BNP Paribas Indian Wells Coverage* (Starts 3/7)
Check out our coverage, photos and videos!

Pictures from Australian Open on Flickr


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2013 BNP Indian Wells + Miami Open Tickets

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Babolat AeroPro GT (Nadal) vs Wilson's Spin Effect (Federer) vs Head's Graphene (Djokovic) - 2013 Edition
  • What is the dominant technology for 2013
  • Which racket should you demo or buy this year?
  • Tennis Tech - "Science of Spin" ITF Facilities (behind the scenes footage)


Head Graphene Instinct and Head Graphene Speed MP Reviews

Head Graphene Tennis Racket Previews
- Graphene Speed MP and Graphene Instinct Models

The new Head Graphene Tennis Rackets are now available for demo and for sale to the public in 2013! Available from our sponsor, TennisTopia, in Rockville, MD.

Sincere Thanks! We were very fortunate to be able to demo the brand new Head "prototypes" courtesy of TennisTopia in Rockville, MD (voted #1 in 2012 and 2013 as Tennis Shop of the Year winner).

Check out our March 2012 review of the current Head IG line (Instinct, Speed, Radical, Prestige) for a comparison look. Many of these rackets are now going to be sold at a discount because of the Graphene Line coming out (another bonus to our tennis bargain hunters)!

Sneak Peek at the 2013 Head Graphene Models

For those who just can't wait, we at Tennis Bargains are again working tirelessly to bring you all the details, pictures, playtest reviews and videos here first! Below is a glimpse of what the future holds...think of us as your Tennis Santa Claus =)

2013 head speed mp logo

Austrian Engineering - 2013 head speed mp logoWhat has been our impression: Love the new sticks so far; this year Sharapova's Instinct might out-gun Djokovic's Speed racket with better pop and a well-rounded improvement on the IG models!

The new material they added is a carbon-based, creation called "Graphene". They can layer ultra-thin sheets of this material to strengthen the racket's structure. The graphics printed on the throat edge of the racket are supposed to be Graphene molecules...think of it as the next LiquidMetal for Head.

Graphene - 2013 head speed mpInitial Impressions

Although the Speed "Prototype" looked impressive, we felt that the structural density of the frame may still need a bit more tweaking before the final release. We are also still waiting for the Speed Pro (18x20) model, but at least now Head has officially entered the 2013 racket shoot-out.

Video Play Test Footage

2013 head speed mp racket capTennis-Bargains has playtested and film footage of the Head Speed/Instinct up against the Babolat AeroPro Drive (all are 100 sq inches, 16x19 open pattern)...which one did we like? which one should you buy in 2013?? Stay tuned...

We actually demoed and playtested the 2013 Head rackets on the court against the Babolat AeroPro Drives - YouTube Video coming out soon...

See how these new models do against each other as two 4.0-4.5 USTA players play each other. It's now "On like Donkey Kong" as they say... Check back for more updates and below for all our HD Closeup Pictures (below)...

2013 Head Graphene Instinct (16x19) and 2013 Head Speed MP (16x19) Pictures

2013 head instinct logo

2013 head speed mp and head instinct - graphene edition prototypes

USPTA Pro Reviews: TopCourt vs TheSkills vs MasterClass vs Udemdy

Watching Tennis Lessons from Tennis Legends

Online and streaming entertainment may become the superglue that holds tennis fans over this long Winter. The Australian Open and ATP Cup have been pushed back to Feb. Indian Wells has postponed after March. Will we see Top 10 Tennis in the USA before Miami?

After spending many hours over several weeks watching the latest online streaming tennis, here's this month's breakdown for each platform's pros and cons below. Opinions expressed are purely that of this site alone - which do not necessarily reflect those of the USPTA.

Even with inflation, TopCourt is still only $15/month. Now it has over 50 pro players.
You can get a free full-access 14-day trial with bonus perks from our partner,

The depth of the academy grows as they add more star-studded talents each month. Filming for the next season has recently wrapped in Florida. After editing and post-production, they should land on-screen soon after in 2021.

My Favorite Streaming List and Favorite Shows:
  • Disney+ (The Mandalorian)
  • Netflix (Queen's Gambit)
  • CBS (Young Sheldon, Amazing Race)
When it comes to the "Marvel Universe vs DC Comics debate" - we're a solid Marvel fan, so your miles may vary with your superstars. Fans should compare TopCourt for free then you be the final judge!

Tennis Streaming Showdown Competition - Round 2

To give our tennis fans a full comparison, we personally reviewed nearly all of the other major online platforms each month that features tennis video packages. Some legends who have a large fan base created their own video products. Free previews with a money-back guarantee.

TheSkills - Maria Sharapova

Topics: Warmups, Drills, and Mental Toughness
Length: 20 chapter lessons, 1.5 hours
Skill Level: Intermediate (3.0-3.5+)
Coach's Rating: B+

Pros: You learn a lot about Maria and her life, mindset, and strategies. Solid warm-up routines. Good suggestions for tweaking certain shots and key focus points. Her monologues are clear.

Cons: Costs more ($69?) for just her one course alone?! Wait for a sale or promo. Players must have all core shots in their bag to get the most out of this series. The vast majority of the videos feature her personal reflections on her own career.

We recommend Maria fans to try the 7-day free trial offer with the All-Access package. Try the other sports stars' commentary. The multi-sport pros give good pep talks to motivate home athletes. For me, it's still too new and needs more talent in the lineup to compete effectively at this price.

MasterClass - Serena Williams

Topics: Fundamentals and Technique
Length: 9 chapter lessons, 2 hours
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate (2.5-3.0+)
Coach's Rating: B

Pros: Great Filming, lighting; In-depth narrative; Beginner-friendly. MasterClass packages a very wide range of (non-tennis) topics and subjects with gurus of their own craft.

Cons: Focuses heavily on one stroke - the serve. Fairly basic tennis advice.
The student ability to get video critique and review period is over;

Note: We found TopCourt's Gold membership has many interactive features. Gold students get access to many more tennis pros for Q&A, plus even a chance to attend future live filming events.

Udemy - Andre Agassi Academy

Topics: All Strokes and Player's Mindset
Length: 10 chapters, 1 hour
Skill Level: Intermediate to advance (4.0+)
Coach's Rating: A-

Pros: Love Agassi's lectures; great stories and clean format. Invaluable tips for the tournament players; Udemy certificate included; lifetime access for review. Only ~$15 on sale. A proponent of education, I support his efforts and would recommend his course.

Agassi's bestseller autobiography "Open" is my definitive must-read. Vital if you want to deeply understand the life of any tennis pro.

Cons: Limited angles; the video quality is limited to only 1080p. Students should be familiar with tennis basics and fundamentals before starting. Only about an hour's worth of content - wish there was a sequel.

TopCourt gets A-Team with their Champions and Coaches 

ATP and WTA heroes are joining the TopCourt team lineup for 2021 including Karen Khachanov, Madison Keys, and Kyle Edmund.

WTA Triple Threat of Former World #1's:
Venus Williams, Chris Evert, and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario.
Each with at least two dozen grand slams in their careers

Hall of Famer Nick Bollettieri (coach of Agassi, Courier, Seles) joins ranks with Paul Annacone and Brad Gilbert. Stacking a century's worth of tennis wisdom, they have guided several strong talents into the path to becoming future world champions.

TopCourt Revisited, 6 months later - areas for improvement?

Perhaps they have gotten too much content?!

Like Netflix, you won't be able to easily digest it in just a few sessions. It now has a library of over a hundred total episodes, while still revealing about two more players each month.

Narrowing the field might have to come in the future. Some episodes I ended up skipping over because of my difficulty with a few player's accents.

TopCourt recently added new sections called "Top Picks" (recommendations) and "Trending" (popular). To get our users launched, we listed our starter video pack of picks from TopCourt.

Our Wish List features for tennis enthusiasts:
  • A voice-over replay explaining a player's technique while he/she is hitting in slow motion.
  • Pros rallying full speed against each other in live points. Play analysis by TopCourt coaches.
  • Visual cues to pick out the one truly excellent shot example from all the other good ones.
  • Feedback Mechanism: a rating system to allow fans to give "likes" at favorite video keyframes.
TopCourt's growth is the most comprehensive and promising out of all the platforms screened to date. There is a lot of value to a solid team and building a strong, well-balanced group of players. It's the chance to display the player's own authentic self while offering budding talent the opportunity to build a bigger fan base online.

Best of all, TopCourt still offers our free 14-day trial to test it out, so try it today!
We're eager to see new upcoming updates, players, and share our opinion here in the next round.

Honorable Mentions

YouTube Tennis Channels

YouTube is great for watching highlights and replays. But it's a mixed bag when it comes to quality lessons and developing your own tennis game properly.

Some YouTube channels I enjoyed:
The wild west of tennis content.
Everyone has their own ideas and style. There is a lot plenty of "click-bait" and often lessons are over-simplified into single 3-5 min videos with flashy titles but the quality of content has a very wide gap and some ideas are oversimplified.

The negative is that you might learn the wrong technique or make bad assumptions if you try to learn purely from YouTube. Recording yourself and doing a visual comparison with a pro is recommended.

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