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European Clay for American Tourists: Monte-Carlo vs Madrid vs Rome

Best Value for the American Dollar during the European Swing.
We compare the 3 Clay Masters Tournaments for your next Euro Tennis Vacation!

Monte-Carlo Masters (Monaco)
Late April

The Crown Jewel of the French Rivera. See our Monaco and Nice photos for trip ideas.

For an Amazing City and just as high-caliber players in a smaller venue, try the Barcelona Open tournament! I was able to attend as media and got to witness the pinnacle of Spanish Championship Tennis. The venue is intimate, and the club is historic (at that same location since 1899).

It is best to take a flight to Nice, France, and then the train about 20 mins to the special stop they open only during the Tournament. Here is the ATP Behind the Scenes short video tour.

Find a nice AirBnB near the Nice station or the French side to save some money. I splurged and pulled a few strings for the full experience from the hillside balcony.

Be warned, that the French transportation system was on strike several days out of the week (listed on a schedule) when I was there. You may need to find a bus or an expensive $50 taxi to get back on those days.

Food - Fancy and Fast Options
Should you want to wine and dine at the tournament, there are plenty of white tablecloth options on-site with a beautiful view of the center court from above.

For those seeking a quick lunch, there is a small food market deli called "Casino" that offers lunch combos. Get a sandwich, drink, and/or dessert (for 3, 6, and 9 Euros respectively).

All the locals know where it is located and the tournament will let you take in your own lunch as long as it is inside a small bag.

Center Stadium and Side Courts
The Court de Princes is a separate ticket in a more secluded venue. I actually enjoyed the 3rd stadium (the equivalent of the old Grandstand at the US Open).

You can sit wherever you want and get pretty close to players such as Lopez. The high bounce of this clay favors Nadal who has won it 11 times! They should just change the national flag to Spain when he arrives.

Practice Courts
The main practice courts are usually teaming with kids up and down the castle walls trying to see Nadal. Since there are only the top male players in this tournament, the selection is pretty good but the small alleys can be tight and crowded.

Map and Walking Tour

The main entrance and the center stadium take up the entire Right Half.

The practice courts are all on a grid of 3 islands with 2 courts each along the bottom shown with the dotted lines. The 2nd and 3rd stadiums are nearby each other at the top left corner - there are usually better matches playing there the first few rounds.

The Art of Traveling Lightly
Security is extremely tight, so getting there and lines can be long to get in so plan ahead to go early. It is best to travel light and not bring a backpack unless absolutely necessary. You will thank me later.

If needed, there is a convenient bag check service out front which is very nice but space is limited - but for just one Euro you cannot beat it!

Bonus +1 Trip Option in Spain: 
Barcelona Open ATP 500 plus a short visit to the Rafael Nadal Academy 

Mutua Madrid Open
Early May

"The Magic Box" - Madrid Open with closable roof
The stadium is only a short walk downhill from the nearby Metro station.

Map and Box Layout
The entire campus is laid out like a giant Grid floating on a large lake. To reach the side and practice courts, walk down to the lower level and walk across a small bridge walkway that splits the courts.

Merchandise Booths and Layout

All the booths and food locations will be housed on the main and lower floors. Suites are at the top.

Be sure to bring sunscreen and sunglasses if you are sitting in the open sun. Enjoy the practice courts outside! Very kid-friendly on weekdays.

Nadal played for over 4 hours in the longest 3-set matches in Masters 1000 History to defeat Djokovic in the famous 2009 semi-finals!

Roger Federer once defeated Rafael Nadal here...
The next month he won his only French Open.

 A rare sight to see Federer beating Nadal on Spanish clay. He went on to win the French Open in Paris a month later. After his worst season ever in 2008, some have said this Madrid title is what saved his career in 2009. Davis Cup was played here in 2019.

Photos from 2022 at Alcaraz's historic 19th-birthday victory run to defeat Djokovic, Nadal, and Zverev consecutively to earn the title.

Another great tourist stop after the tennis is to visit the Madrid Bullring - Plaza del Toros (largest in Spain and 2nd largest in the World) also near the train line.


You can also play Matador and learn about the rich culture behind one of Spain's oldest traditions that still runs strong in this city.

Day Trips - Toledo, Segovia, Avila

In 2022, returned to the Mutua Madrid Open for a full week as a photographer. Mornings in Madrid's beautiful Retiro Park or going on a tapas tour are a must-do for visitors.

I was able to take a full-day trip to Toledo via the train. The ancient capital has many great castle views. The war museum has many fascinating artifacts from the medieval era.

Avila (castle walls) and Segovia are two other UNESCO cities I enjoyed on a bus tour but would pick just Segovia to spend a full day walking if given the choice and save driving time.

For over 13 years, I continue to love returning to Spain. Its food, culture, and sunsets make it always my number #1 country recommendation for young Americans visiting Europe for the first time.

Italian Open (Rome, Italy)
Mid May

2nd Stadium (my favorite) at the Foro Italico

Crowds are seated closer together in this "sunken" stadium surrounded by giant Roman Statues. Many box seat holders will go and typically only stay here. The view is very steep in traditional Coliseum-like seating for very dramatic angles set against ancient statues.

There are no bad seats here. Even when walking by above, you can hear all the shots and crowd reactions intimately. This is very much the People's Court with lots of true tennis fans.

Italian Open Tennis Tickets on Sale

In this map, the green arrows show the paths where I typically recommend staying.

The main practice court areas are where most of the fans can watch from only the near sideYou will see a lot more tennis if you stay near the Eastern Half.

Main Stadium

It is best to have a ticket in hand before you approach to get inside because you will be at the tip of the Giant Triangle which is the Foro Italico.

Italian Food and Drinks
The cafe-style restaurants are easy ways to grab a quick bite and drink. There is lots of small table seating on the Lower Left side near the grass.

There are lots of kid-friendly activities like riding the circular train loop and playing some mini-tennis in the Kids Zone near the main entrance.

See my reasons for picking Rome as the top clay-court Masters for 2016 as well as cool sights to see on a Segway in the city at night (if you are tired from all the walking).

Rome is the Last Stop before Paris!
Roland Garros is the grand finale in Late May- Early June.

The new stadium and expanded campus are supposed to be great.
Excited to see the giant Rafael Nadal metallic statue on display!

King Richard to Queen V: Serena was taught tennis from taped lessons

King Richard is a remarkable story about family love, sheer determination, and sparking the fire that ignited 2 record-breaking careers among sisters. This holiday season's must-see movie for any tennis fan, especially those who started playing in the 90's like myself. The joy and humor that Will Smith brings out on the screen will likely win him the best actor award.

The academy awards were a big debacle, but the film was still very good for portraying tennis during that era. Watching Venus relive and revisit her glory days at her first US Open is wonderful to hear on YouTube. It's a treat to hear her joyful and real, unscripted reactions.

How Richard discovered Tennis

Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena, dreamed of teaching his daughters tennis but had never played the sport before himself. He started to coach tennis by collecting used tennis balls, buying a racket from Goodwill, and learning the game by watching a video instructional tape.

In the movie, Venus’ first coach Paul Annacone will only agree to train one girl for free, not both.

So Richard and his wife Oracene, with limited resources, get creative to adapt. Richard accompanies Venus to the country club and records everything she learns with his camcorder.

Oracene uses those same video lessons of Venus to help teach Serena and even fix her serve.

Watch her lessons for free on our 14-day trial today

A Message of Sharing and Giving Back from Venus

"Reflecting back on my career, I'm reminded of how those I loved and looked up to inspired me every day to be great and dream big. Whether it was motivation from my sister, Serena Williams, or the harrowing experiences of my father, the willingness of those who shared and invested in me made me the player I am today.

Knowledge is a power that enables us all to achieve, and there's no better teacher than those who have lived the unimaginable. That's why I'm so proud to be an owner of TopCourt and push this global movement of empowerment and inspiration for the next generation of champions!"

- Venus Williams, 23-Time Grand Slam Champion, the OG

Venus Williams is also a part-owner of TopCourt

She teaches tennis and shares her own tennis wisdom and career journey where the movie leaves off.

Venus joins the rank of 56 other elite pro tennis players and grand slam legends on TopCourt. At the end of her career, she wants to be remembered as a good person and role model. Hear Venus as she shares her memories and life story. Watch and be inspired by her personalized tennis tips.

Gift it to a tennis fan or inspire a student in your life!

TopCourt Buy One, Get One 2021 Holiday Offer

Need a gift for a tennis fan for the upcoming holidays?
Why not get something you need and also get a spare gift for a tennis fan?

For a limited time, all new TopCourt members who sign up will be sent an email with instructions on how to gift a free 12-months to someone else you know that loves tennis as much as you!

This is a limited-time offer only.

TopCourt 2021 Holiday Offer - Get One and Give One Free

Zero price inflation and hassle-free gifting

With more coaches featured now (56 the last time I checked), it's actually a better deal than last year when I joined in 2020 but for the exact same price.

I'm avoiding problems buying tennis products right now because of supply chain delays.

Even shipments of tennis balls were off shelves for months at Walmart and Costco.

Getting a digital gift is easy and a very covid-free way to share.

Try for free before you buy

When you sign up for your membership, you can then send a free membership to another friend.

Try it free for 14-days to make sure you love it first. If you don't, just cancel anytime before the trial ends. Note: the buy one, gift one holiday offer does not have a trial membership period*

My favorite Topcourt Teacher award for 2021...

The prize goes to Alexander Zverev (plus doubles tips with brother Mischa). Felix AA and Leylah Fernandez would round out the top 3 new releases. Watching the new ATP Finals Champion and Olympic Gold medalist hit backhands has really helped me improve my 2-hand backhand since my shoulder injury last year.

Sure it was very exciting to meet him live in Miami for the autograph and photo opt. But getting to re-watch him in 4K and slow-mo whenever I want to visualize exactly how my left side moves in relation to the swing is admittedly even better.

I am biased because I switched to the Head Gravity Pro and his signature dampeners in February. I told him this fact after we ate lunch. He just smiled and signed my Cliff Drysdale magazine on the back cover anyway.

Pretty sure that Medvedev and Djokovic are probably subscribed to TopCourt and lurking under a false name so they can figure out how to beat him in 2021. Just having this one shot alone available in the tennis library is a game-changer.

On the fence about the best time to join?

The Simona Halep must-see video release will be the next big blockbuster at the end of November. Her documentary itself has a shocking exclusive reveal in episode 2! But no spoilers (or "sneaky peek" as she would say) from here.

She is a shy, very dedicated, and yet always a hard worker since her childhood's humble beginnings. Her coaching style on camera I would characterize as very patient and obliging - sometimes I remember she would voluntarily redo multiple takes until she got it just right. She has dedicated her life and body to the sport.

The other major anticipated release is Denis Shapovalov. Fans will love his jumping one-handed backhand. It is a shot I have attempted at times but looks very amazing when it actually works. Or perhaps you are more excited about the Nick Kyrgios release?

So many of my fans have joined through me, and it was a pleasure meeting some fans in person at Indian Wells BNP and the WTT event in November.

Please send us a message on Facebook with any questions about TopCourt's product!

Other TopCourts Online User Reviews

Because you don't have to take my word for it!

San Diego ATP 250 - best value in tennis of the year?

ATP 250 San Diego Open
September 25 through October 3

Grounds passes start at $20, plus front row seats starting at only $45!

Strong Men's Field even in the Qualifying Draw

The all-new ATP 250 San Diego event features some of the best players even for the qualifiers of the year this weekend.

Qualifying with a wild card is 18-year old local native Zach Svaja, whose father Tom teaches at the Pacific Beach Tennis Club. Use promo code "PACIFICBEACH10" to save 10% off tickets.

Qualifying against the DC/MD/VA hero Denis Kudla. Lloyd Harris and Kevin Anderson are included too....all players who made it to the 2nd round of the 2021 US Open!

Press Release and Top Players

World No. 7 Andrey Rublev of Russia and No. 10 Denis Shapovalov of Canada highlight a very strong player field at the San Diego Open, which will be played September 27 through October 3 at the Barnes Tennis Center.

The $600,000 ATP 250 tournament features eight of the Top 20 players in the FedEx ATP Rankings.

Other Top 20 players joining Rublev and Shapovalov in the San Diego Open main draw are No. 11 Casper Ruud of Norway, No. 13 Hubert Hurkacz of Poland, No. 14 Diego Schwartzman of Argentina, No. 15 Felix Auger-Aliassime of Canada, and No. 18 Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria.

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