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Tennis Industry Show with new tennis tools

Similar to the US Open TIA Tennis Show, we attended back in Aug the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tysons Corner, a Tennis Show was held for the tennis industry (2/18) here in the Washington DC area.

5th Set Tennis - New Product Demo and Nutrition Trade Show

Yann Auzoux has just announced a 50% off price for his new tennis invention.

At the Tennis show, he was able to offer us a sneak preview of his latest self-invented tennis tool "Sweet Spotter" that he hopes to help tennis players of all skill levels improve their tennis strokes. He is also the star and creator of Prepping Like a Pro, which we featured a few months ago.

Stay tuned, check back with us at and for updates and possibly a sneak preview YouTube video demo of the product when it becomes available.

Olivia Ricchi (Nutrition Strategist), Dan Riser (Physio Guru), and Yann Auzoux (Tennis Pro) have worked together on videos to athletes of all sports keep healthy, get stronger, and play better tennis.

Olivia Ricchi (5th Set's Nutritionist)

Check out their Belt-Weigh challenge for more tips:

Olivia making one of her isAgenix Shakes!
I had the Chocolate one - yummy and top grade Whey Protein! :)

Nette Tennis - Stylish Sports Wear for Women

A lot of female tennis friends and students of mine have complained about this for years. So many tennis skirts and pants just do not have any pockets to hold balls!!

I guess they think it does not look feminine??

The result is that they have to buy a single plastic ball holder or ask their partner to hold the extra balls. The company Nette Tennis has many different compression shorts and clothing for women to store stuff while they are exercising, jogging, playing tennis, etc. Very cool!

Eleven - Venus Williams' Clothing Line + Women's Fashion

Tennis Karma with Zen Tennis Gear
Venus Williams - Eleven Clothing Line - Free Bags!

TrueStretch - juggle gym of stretching for adults

Although not at the Tennis Show - this product seen at TCCP (College Park, MD) makes for a great way to get lots of great stretching poses on one apparatus.

TrueStretch Chart

Tennis Tools for Winter Training

Tennis Tools for Winter Training (updated)

Balance Trainer: Dynamic Balance
Balance is super important in tennis. If you can make small, minor adjustments to your body position - it is extremely hard for your opponent to wrong foot you. Moving laterally with your feet, while swinging forward with your arms is crucially important as it happens continually during a match.

How to Develop Better Balance
I just got this and love this little blue balance trainer! It's basically like an under-inflated cushion that you try to keep your balance on for as long as possible.  The wobbling nature of the tool forces you to keep your core balance stable in order to stand.  You actually use a lot of muscles to counter-act the forces that are tipping you over.

Creative exercises for tennis
It's actually kind of fun to see how long you can keep your body balanced and centered.  After 5-10 mins with the rubber band drill, your legs will be burning. When it's cold outside or you're limited in space, you have to be creative to stay "fit to hit"! Another drill to try is to side-step on a treadmill while simulating a swing motion with your arms (both forehand and backhand). Here are a few other tennis exercises you can do at home.

Agility Ladder: Foot Speed and Quickness

Great for doing indoor footwork drills with limited space. Just lay it out in the basement or living room and it folds away nicely! Just under $25, you can take anywhere with free shipping from Amazon!

Check out some of these great tennis-specific drills on YouTube anyone can do.

SKLZ Ladder:
I highly recommend getting an Agility Ladder that will not snag easily and sturdy enough to last, plus this one even comes with a DVD and carrying bag.

PracticeHit: Master your swing indoors

This little device helps you simulate proper contact and timing on ground strokes, both forehand and backhand.

Easy to use, long term pay-off
Best of all it doesn't take much space and helps you with your balance and coordination tremendously.  In home or gym, all you need is a little corner to put it and just do a few mins a day with it.

You can also build core strength and stability with all these cool workouts you can do with it.

Bosu Ball - Jumping and Split-step exercises

Also featured at - here are some Tips for the Bosu ball too

As a professional tennis instructor, I can feel how much better my balance is now on one foot or when I get stretched out wide.

The Bosu Ball tool does a great job of isolating muscle groups and keeping you "light on your toes". These exercises can be combined with small dumbbells to add to the intensity of squats, etc.

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