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US Open Week 2 Tix Giveaway + Why were there no $15 WFANDANGO tennis tickets this year???

Why were there no $15 WFANDANGO tickets and fewer ticket promotions this year than in 2011?

Ticket Policy Discounts according to USTA

Q: Are there any senior or student discounts?
A: There are no current senior citizen or student discounts available.

Q: Are there any military personnel discounts?
A: There are no military personnel discounts available.

Make the US Open more "Tennis Fan-Friendly"
I think that the USTA should show a bit more generosity back to the FANS and its USTA members than it has this year. Yes, it is important that it earns enough money as a non-profit, but the US Open should not just be about making the most money with big sponsors. Unfortunately, the most expensive corporate seats and suites sold usually go to those who are not even tennis players or do not regularly follow tennis. How is that fair?
Article from NY Times, 8/31/12 
[Disappointed that Rafael Nadal was not playing in this year’s Open, Ruben Martin Vadillo and Mayte Rodriguez Gil, visiting New York from Madrid, did not bother purchasing tickets for the event. 
“It’s too expensive,” said Vadillo, a 31-year-old physical therapist.]
The practice courts on P1-P4 could soon be going away soon there is construction that pretty much bottlenecks that entire section of the US Open.

Waiting for USTA to step up
Many tennis fans who waited patiently for some affordable nose-bleed 1st week day tickets never got any this year. They were sold at full price and we've heard a lot of feedback from normally loyal US Open fans. Tickets for optimal days such as labor day weekend and Semi/Finals Weekend were sold out too quickly (possibly for scalping reasons).

Fill in more empty stadium seats, upgrade more fan seats!
Would it not make sense that we try to generate more sold-out sessions instead of leaving all these empty seats out there, like we did tonight at Andy Roddick's last match (only 1/3 full according to the commentators).

Suggestions to the USTA and the US Open
How about just some discounted Grounds Passes so we do not "gentrify" this sport in the US? Low-income and middle-class American tennis fans want to see good tennis too.

How much extra does it really cost USTA to have one extra fan on the premise? How about some discounts for children so that they can witness some great matches and dream big to play one day in Ashe Stadium. How about discounts for seniors and our active military personnel?

If most of the smaller US Open series tournaments are already doing this with family 4-packs and 10% off promos for USTA members, then isn't it about time??
Sure this is a political time in America, so for maybe this is the right time for Tennis fans to band together and demand that the USTA give back. Let's demand better tennis deals! Send this Email to support our campaign.

Tennis-Bargains Week 2 Tickets Giveaway

Tennis-Bargains is going to give away 2 tickets for the Thursday, 9/6 Ashe Day session to Our Fans of Tennis-Bargains

All I ask is that you send a quick email to USTA to let your voice be heard as Tennis Fans for some better ticket deals!

USTA National Tennis Center - Events Department
Flushing Meadow - Corona Park
Flushing, N.Y. 11368
Phone: 718-595-2420

$21 US Open Tickets (8/29/11 - 9/8/11) - Limited amount left!

Updated 7/26/11 -
For link and promo code:
Visit and click the "Like" button to view the Coupons tab.

US Open Tickets for $21!!

Today, a friend of mine told me about this $21 promo they are doing for US Open tickets.

I got 4 tickets at this price already! But there aren't many left..

Note: Even after the convenience charges/fees from TicketMaster it comes out to be about $25 a ticket. Still a deal!

Tennis-Bargain Tip:
Grab these fast before they all disappear! You can use Ashe Tickets during the first week to go to ALL other stadiums and courts (Armstrong, Grandstand and all side courts) is first come first serve seating, so just get to the EAST gates early in the morning! See more US Open tips here

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