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PracticeHit: Practice Tennis Indoors in the Winter

Tennis-Bargains PracticeHit Review
We were surprised by this simple yet effective tennis stroke trainer that works like a pendulum. The bands at the bottom can be adjusted to effect that the rubber ball's forward and backward pitch. Every time you hit the practice ball, it will snap back ready to be hit again.


  • It comes in a standard 32" shaft size that is the perfect size for kids or adults with a lower strike zone.
  • To Adjust Height: consider putting the base on some cinder bricks to make it a bit taller.
  • Also, we recommend filling the base with sand (instead of water) so that it does not move.

  • Great for beginners to develop rhythm on their swing
  • Lots of repetition in a short amount of time
  • Works on developing strike zone slightly in front
  • Allows players to practice moving your feet to the ball as you set up to hit
  • Durability is good for only about 1-2 years of regular use
  • May not be useful for more advanced playersay see that the ball holder may start to break apart or the shaft itself will deteriorate from heavy hitting
  • Necessary to invest in a few replacement parts Coupons + Free Shipping Promo Holiday Shopping Tips
It is Shopping Season and we love a good Bargain!

Like many tennis fans, we shop at for their price-matching, wide selection (including Tennis Deals) and free shipping over $25.
So here are a few tips for 2012 that will help you save even more money. Hope this comes in handy when you do your online shopping!

Free Luxilon T-Shirt when you buy 3 sets of string

Buy 3 sets of Luxilon and receive a free Luxilon T-shirt!

Our favorite pick is Luxilon Ace 18g ($13) for control and spin;
For more power try Luxilon ALU Power 16L ($16.95)

"Luxilon strings are the official string of both the ATP and WTA tours and are used by over 60% of the top 100 men's players and 45% of the top 100 women's players. Luxilon strings are also the choice of world #1 Roger Federer! No other string compares!"

Tennis Fitness and Nutrition

Many times we go to hit a ball that is barely out of reach. We wish we were a little faster. We wish if we lost a little more weight, tennis would be much less taxing on our body and joints. Many students focus too heavily on the technical aspects such as correct stroke mechanics but not enough on the fitness and nutritional aspects.

In fact, it has been shown that every pound of body weight you put on, actually puts 4x the pressure on your joints like the knees.

Here is a great site called Fitness for Tennis that can benefit anyone's game (from beginners to pro).

It is unlike P90X or any other workout system because it is designed specifically for tennis players, by professional tennis players and fitness coaches.

Get some free helpful tips, useful articles and also some free videos. Try the full 5 video set for the full 60 day program. Best of all, it comes with a full 365-day money back guarantee. They also guarantee on the site that if you do not gain 1 NTRP, they will allow you to return the product for a full refund. Simply return it for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

Hint: Now at the top of the page, get $10 off the program with their special discount.

As some of the top pro's over the past year like Novak Djokovic and Mardy Fish have demonstrated; when your fitness gets better, usually so does your tennis ranking.

Better health. Quicker footwork. Stronger tennis.

US Open Tips for Fans + Last Promo Code coming soon!

Tennis fans looking for US Open advice on what to see and where to go, should check out my article:
3 Important Tips for Watching the US Open Live!

New York is a wonderful city to visit in the summer. If you're here in August, I would recommend checking out the NYC Summer Streets 2011 Event (Sat, Aug 6, 13, 20)

Stay tuned for the last promo code for 2011 US Open Tickets...and as always:
Our Facebook Fans will have #1 priority!

$21 US Open Tickets (8/29/11 - 9/8/11) - Limited amount left!

Updated 7/26/11 -
For link and promo code:
Visit and click the "Like" button to view the Coupons tab.

US Open Tickets for $21!!

Today, a friend of mine told me about this $21 promo they are doing for US Open tickets.

I got 4 tickets at this price already! But there aren't many left..

Note: Even after the convenience charges/fees from TicketMaster it comes out to be about $25 a ticket. Still a deal!

Tennis-Bargain Tip:
Grab these fast before they all disappear! You can use Ashe Tickets during the first week to go to ALL other stadiums and courts (Armstrong, Grandstand and all side courts) is first come first serve seating, so just get to the EAST gates early in the morning! See more US Open tips here

Luxilon String Sale - Buy 2, Get 1 Free! (Exp. 4/30)

Luxilon String Sale - Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Want to try out some new Polyester Strings that almost all the top 10 pros have used?

Luxilon Strings Buy 2, Get 1 Free
Typically $14-$16 per string and rarely go on sale. Expires 4/30.

Tennis-Bargains Tips
*ALU Power Rough is what Roger Federer uses on his Wilson rackets.

*ALU Power gives a bit more power, but is a bit stiffer than Topspin CyberFlash (which is what I would recommend if you have any sort of tennis elbow or arm problems - it is a softer poly string)

Topspin Cyber Blue String Review + YouTube Review

Tennis String Review: Topspin Cyber Blue

Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25 ratings (out of 78 reviews) from

Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25 17 - Tennis String on Sale

Tennis-Bargains Top String Award
* Award*
Cyber Blue offers great control and feel as a durable cross string.

*Update*: David strung his racket at a high tension when he did this demo; David had much better results after lowering his racket tension from 63 lbs to 57 lbs. When you look at the 96% of players reviewers who recommended the string - the tension usually was between 51 lbs and 55 lbs.

Tennis-Bargains Tip:
Also try the spin friendly Cyber Flash string with the thinner 17g (1.25 string) over the 16g for a bit more comfort. Also to avoid a stiff feel with poly strings, it is recommended that you typically string all poly's 10% lower in tension.

Play Testing Cyberblue Strings

David Emery was formerly the WTA hitting partner for Liezel Huber (former #3 in WTA Doubles). She recently won the 2010 US Open Mixed Doubles with Bob Bryan. Congrats Dave on his promotion! View some other free Tennis Videos and Tips.

Beach Tennis - Training tips at the beach

Since I'm headed for Miami beach in about a week for the annual
USPTA 2010 Players Development Conference ...

Here are some Beach Tennis training tips from Danielle Dotzenrod (star of "Fit to Hit" on Tennis Channel) =) Enjoy!

*Be sure to check out the new Tennis-Bargains Store to see what's on sale*

HD Tennis Tips, Bonus Videos Access, Free $47 Doubles eBook! (promo expires 9/12)

If you've enjoyed the "Tennis Tips Videos" and HD YouTube tips that I've posted...

Check out more videotips at

Also this weekend get their 
US Open Promo special that expires on Sept 12th.

**Update**: I just signed up for FYB Premium Access, and it comes with the following
  • Access to over 40 hours of HD tennis video content

  • A free copy of Doubles Domination- Ian Westermann’s comprehensive look at winning doubles strategy and tactics ($47 value for free).

  • Exclusive access to Bonus Video with Yann Auzoux (two-time Washington Post Coach of the Year).
    - If you’ve seen the 40-minute free video on footwork with Yann and you liked it, then you’re going to love this bonus video.

  • 60 day Money-Back Guarantee 

Tennis-Bargains *Recommended*
I personally stand by all the products and services I only promote what I have personally used here at  I am an USPTA certified coach and can vouch for Will Hamilton's credibility and professionalism as a tennis instructor.

I have learned so much in the last few years from his YouTube videos already, that I have signed up for FYB Premium myself.  I would highly encourage you to try it out and see for yourself!  It's an investment in your own tennis game.

Remember you have 60 days to decide, so if you don't absolutely love it, Will stands by his money-back guarantee.  What do you have to lose?  Just remember: Offer expires 9/12/10! Join FYB today

*New article*: Tips for How to Watch the US Open Live!

If you're planning to go to the US Open (or any major tennis tournament), you should read this article.

  • Get cheap Ashe tickets and sit in the front row of any other stadium
  • Check out the opening Arthur Ashe weekend to see the Pros up close
  • Find a seat near the 1st few rows (you must be quick and not be shy)
    - baseline for the player's perspective
    - corners for the coaches perspective
    - sidelines for a closer view for the photographers

How to NEVER pay retail price for Tennis ever again!

Why I Never have to buy Tennis gear at full retail price anymore.
Below, I'll share with my advice on where to look to get discounts for tennis gear, events and travel...

Why Tennis is so good for you?
Tennis can be a sport that is both fun and AFFORDABLE at any age. It keeps you fit, lean and active (just think of any tennis pro you've ever seen on TV). Tennis comes packed with lots of cardio and is a full body workout;

Think about it - you're actually getting exercise from having fun and spending time with a buddy outdoors in fresh air this summer - a great change-up from the gym!

Rackets: I like to get rackets that are a generation or two old that have lots of good reviews. Often times the changes for this latest year's models are merely cosmetic and the physical changes may or may not make it better. Do your research first!  Also, once a racket becomes "popular", the manufacturers will put a major discount on it...this is when I like to buy a few extra in bulk in case they stop making them next year!

Balls: For renewable tennis items like balls/shoes/string (which you need to replace regularly)  - I calculate how to max them out based on time AND cost.

USTA Members Save 10% on Kastles Tickets (code: 10USTA)

Washington Kastles
USTA Members Save 10% on Kastles Tickets

USTA Members receive 10% off individual tickets using code 10USTA (offer is not valid on day of match and is based on availability; discount cannot be combined with any other offer and does not apply to packaged ticket plans). Visit or call 202-397-7328 for tickets.  

The defending WTT champion Washington Kastles are back to do it again in 2010! USTA Members have the chance to see world-class tennis featuring Kastles stars Serena and Venus Williams facing visiting legends such as John McEnroe, Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova.

Murphy Jensen Tennis Tips Video...

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